Where to begin….

So this game…think of your traditional 7th Sea game. Pirates, swashing of buckles, epic cinematic scenes. Add in a bit of the supernatural a la Abe Lincoln Vampire Slayer, and then twist it with the supernatural politics of Dresden Files.
That’s where we’re at.

I’ve gone ahead and scrapped an old campaign from 7th Sea to start over fresh. I’m not sold on the 2nd Edition rules, but I’m going to give it a shot.

The Game Itself

The characters are pirates, or privateers, or really just guys on a ship. We’ll get into it more in the very near future.

As I update the page with our new content, I’ll be removing things that exist from the previous campaign. Don’t let the current state of things confuse you. It will get cleaned up in the very near future.

Vendel League of Legends