Vendel League of Legends

Colony Trouble

Alone, Unguarded, Unprotected...Mine

  • Players Wake up on a deserted beach with absolutely no memories.
  • Travel short distance across jungle Island, devoid of predators (nests on ground)
  • Swim across bay to another land mass, see cookfires
  • Discover the colony of Partoonia – a silver mining colony established by Vodacce
  • Hear that the colony receives shipments every 2 months, last shipment brought whispers that “Privateers” from Avalon were heading this way to overtake the colony as a launching spot for some nearby expedition
  • Its been 6 weeks since the last shipment, at some point Robin Taylor goes back into his journal that he has continued to write in, to this point he hadn’t looked through it.
  • He discovers that they were aware of the “raider’s” ship and his projection puts them arriving in 10 days from now.
  • It was believed that the Players were part of an advanced ship sent to put the colony at ease so the other ship could catch them off guard.
  • The party built lookout towers, and in a few days time they saw a ship on the Horizon.
  • As night fell, 4 long boats put ashore, and the party approached them to talk.
  • Muskets had been retrieved from the town, and the 2 men in the towers opened fire during the palaver.
  • The party took some wounds, but in the end they laid waste to the Brutes and Henchman.



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