Vendel League of Legends

Old Game - What's happened so far

Alright, so a quick overview before I put in the time to go back and put in a play-by-play of what’s gone down with our adventurers so far.

To begin with, this is a game that has started and stopped 3-4 times. We play for a couple weeks, then typically something happens to a member of the group and we stop playing. Whether that’s a Christmas party, a trip to Buffalo, or a new job.

This time is different…we’re going to make it, until the PC’s can’t!

Going way back…the game is set around the 1700’s…after all the official cannon has happened.

This game started as a man in black crashed out of a store front carrying a book and ran headlong into the players who were being chased at the time for something else entirely…turned out the man in black was also being chased, and thus a 4 way scuffle ensued.

The man in black escaped, and the party eventually tracked him to a book store where he had supposedly ditched the book. (More on this in the detailed recap).

The party steals a painting from a cousin of L’emperor. The man who led them there claimed the painting was “the Key”. He was asked “The key to what?!” at least 20 times, and everytime “The key to riches!” was his dramatic response…it became epic as new players came and went from the game and didn’t know what was coming when they asked. (more on this in the detailed recap).

The party returns the painting to Bubbaleiux who hired their accomplice to steal the painting. When they return he berates the party for stealing the painting and tipping off the owners that they stole “the key”. He then cut open the back to reveal a large steel key (approximately 2 pounds in weight)…yes, an actual key.



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