The nation of “Avalon” is actually three nations acting in concert. They officially follow the rules of Avalon and for the most part do – if only because [[:Queen Elaine]] has the graal. The other two nations have their own leaders – each powerful in their own regard. The leader of Inismore is Content Not Found: obannon – a man who has ruled the island of Inismore no less then 3 times of it’s entire history and legend. He is supposedly immortal, close to all-seeing, and entirely insane. He is known for occasionally going on “walks” for a century at a time, only to return and reclaim his throne. The Leader of the other nation – The Highland Marches – is [[:James Macduff]], the chosen leader among the mighty highland clans. Avalon has difficult relations with most. Montaigne and Castille have both tried to claim Avalon in the recent past – failing spectacularly for their efforts. They maintain a good relationship with the Vendel/Vestenmannavnjar as they have for nearly 1000 years. This distances the Vodacce, as the Vendel are their worst enemies. Eisen had a good relationship with Avalon until the War of the Cross destroyed the Eisen state – now that relationship depends on which leader Avalon is dealing with. Ussura has almost no contact with the island state – just the way they both like it. The Crescent Empire views nearly all of Western Theah as heathens – to much bad blood from the Crusades. Cathay has no relationship with the rest of Theah at all, cut off from it as it is.


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