Castille’s government is weakened beyond belief and their armies are barely holding after the war with Montaigne. Had Montaigne not imploded into what is now turning into a civil war, they may have been conquered entirely. It is only by the grace of Theus that they are holding together. Their relations are soured with all nations save the Vendel, who are friends with anyone with enough coin, and the Vaticine Church. Fortunately, all that Castille needs is the grace of Theus as far as they are concerned. That, and their many master-blades and swordsmanship schools. And hey, it could be worse: at least they are not Eisen.


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Following the actions of the Third Prophet, Castille has been one of the most powerful nations in Theah – until recently anyway. Because of the presence of the Vaticine Church, the people of Castille are better fed and better educated then the rest of Theah combined. Their armies are better trained than any (save Eisen), more numerous than any (save Montaigne), and better equipped than any (save Vodacce) and with a better navy than any (save Avalon). They were the second best at everything in Theah. Second best however, seems to have fared poorly for them.

Castille attempted to conquer Avalon a decade ago, only to bring about the return of the Glamour magic and the utter devastation of their fleet. What more, the rightful heir to the throne disappeared, leaving his younger (and far less skilled) brother the duty of kingship, weakening their government. The War of the Cross that destroyed Eisen, wracked their holy power base (Eisen had been the most pious nation excluding themselves, and it had kept the ambitious Montaigne in check. Following the War of the Cross, Montaigne revealed the greatest secret of their nation – their nobles still had their magic. They threw the Vaticine Church from their boarders and proclaimed a nation of sorcery, lead by the powerful Sun Emperor Leon. At the behest of the church, Castille made war against them, intent of removing the heretic from the Montaigne throne. The result was Montaigne gaining control of more than half their land before the advance was stymied. Meanwhile, with the death of the Heirophant – the leader of the church – the cardinals have started an Inquisition to route any none-believers from the populace, destroying the church’s reputation within it’s seat. Castille has little to be happy about.

Major Cities

San Cristobal
Vaticine City

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