Vendel League of Legends

Priest Vs. Priest
  • As they leave the Lonely Whaler to find the local place of worship, they run into Brawden (Noah’s Character)
  • Robin Taylor spoke to Garry at the House of the Prophet.
    (small 500 sf space with a receptacle for donations, a holy statue of the Burning of the Prophet, and now a velvet portrait of the equivalent to the “Virgin Mary” that Robin brought with from the mining colony town hall.) There was a trap door that Garry said leads to an apartment below.
  • Robin had them go back and shake down the “priest” to show his intentions were true. He did not falter in his faith and the men left after tossing his apartment.
  • They returned to the Lonely Whaler and Brawden showed Robin his treasure map of BC1. Robin didn’t recognize the city at first, but then saw a representation of a statue at the center of town with the only writing on the map. It read in old Thean “Shield Bearer of the Knights Templar”. From his past research, Robin knew this was Bal Canifer. Robin vowed to help Brawden find this treasure.


Aww Meng...billa
  • Players arrived without event at the port haven of Mengbilla.
  • After exiting the boat, the fat dockmaster approached them. Asked them if they had anything to declare, and then mentioned that the last time this boat was here…it had a different captain.
  • The players had no means to pay the 100 guilder docking fee, so they asked if he would hold the boat as recompense until they can pay
  • Gerhart Thomson rushed off and sold off the trade goods and found someone willing to hire on the colonists that were still on board the boat. The party accused him of selling them into slavery when they saw him receive a finders fee, but that was not the case.
  • Gisseppi got lunch and took notice that roughly 80% of the population was appeared to be Montaigne.
  • After the party reconvened at the boat, a woman strode past them from behind, with a swagger to her step (leaving the ship). She was well dressed and exuded confidence. She patted Gerhart Thomson on the shoulder and wished them the best. Tossed a bag of coin to the dockmaster and informed him to make sure everyone was cleared off her boat in short order. It was clearly the woman they had taken for a captive, Calandra.
  • Robin Taylor chased after her, flashed his Mark/Writ of avalon and declared something. She took it from his hand and wiped her ass with it (it was still clean, her hygiene was apparently very good). Robin pulled his pistol and lowered it to her forehead. He took it as a tremendous slight that she had just defaced his greatest possession. He pulled the trigger, but perhaps faith alone, caused the gun to misfire (or perhaps he’d never reloaded).
  • Calandra nearly shit herself. She threw the writ into the bay, and told him he had made a dreadful mistake.
  • Gisseppi stepped in to take Robin’s place, flashing his bronze pin. To which she responded by showing him her own Silver pin (signifying journeyman status within the Swordsman Guild). She told them she would return at 2pm and strode off into the town.
  • Robin dove into the bay, he was relieved to find his writ was floating on some debris in the water, and had remained dry. When he unrolled the parchment, it was a hand written note that said 2 o’clock (she must still have his document).
  • At 2:08 Calandra returned to where Gisseppi waited on the docks. Robin had set up on the boat with muskets leveled.
  • Calandra removed her cloak, drew her sword and without much repartee she used her tagging to draw Gisseppi’s blade with her own, spin it in the air, and leave it in his sword hand to began their combat.
  • Gisseppi took one slice, which she side stepped cleanly, and then she stuck him deep in the side. She asked if that would do for the afternoon, to which he nodded grimly. She pulled out the writ and pushed it into Gisseppi’s chest, and told him to tell his friend to “Get off her F’N boat”.


A Broad Aboard
  • Gisseppi and Gerhart Thomson mounted a long boat and headed for the Ship, while Robin Taylor stayed to tend the wounded.
  • After dispatching a couple of guys on the boat, they searched the hull.
  • They found 3 dead men and a frail sickly woman locked in a cage that asked of her Son. He had apparently been sold at the last port stop of Mengbilla
  • They also found several months worth of supplies and trade goods, as though this ship may have been coming to trade with the colony.

At this point the party should have come to the conclusion that this ship could have been A.) The ship of Raiders or B.) The Supply Shipment….they didn’t….——

*They freed the woman, and basically went on with the night, sleeping on the ship.

  • The next day they decided to leave for Mengbilla to try to help the woman find her son.

(Note: No one in the party had heard of Mengbilla)

Colony Trouble
Alone, Unguarded, Unprotected...Mine
  • Players Wake up on a deserted beach with absolutely no memories.
  • Travel short distance across jungle Island, devoid of predators (nests on ground)
  • Swim across bay to another land mass, see cookfires
  • Discover the colony of Partoonia – a silver mining colony established by Vodacce
  • Hear that the colony receives shipments every 2 months, last shipment brought whispers that “Privateers” from Avalon were heading this way to overtake the colony as a launching spot for some nearby expedition
  • Its been 6 weeks since the last shipment, at some point Robin Taylor goes back into his journal that he has continued to write in, to this point he hadn’t looked through it.
  • He discovers that they were aware of the “raider’s” ship and his projection puts them arriving in 10 days from now.
  • It was believed that the Players were part of an advanced ship sent to put the colony at ease so the other ship could catch them off guard.
  • The party built lookout towers, and in a few days time they saw a ship on the Horizon.
  • As night fell, 4 long boats put ashore, and the party approached them to talk.
  • Muskets had been retrieved from the town, and the 2 men in the towers opened fire during the palaver.
  • The party took some wounds, but in the end they laid waste to the Brutes and Henchman.
The Council of Eight
The New Beginning

The Council of Eight

Within days of the death of the emperor a council of rulers was established in Charrousse. They created the Committee for National Welfare, which underneath the surface was a secret police rooted in finding magic users and eliminating them. Laws were passed disavowing magic use in Montaigne. While stirred in the underground resistance of Royalists, many old families fled. The University which has long been a promoter of science and discovery, has now added a new enemy as they began to shelter these refugees. This battle on two fronts has connected the unexplainable science they research with dark magics.

Old Game - What's happened so far

Alright, so a quick overview before I put in the time to go back and put in a play-by-play of what’s gone down with our adventurers so far.

To begin with, this is a game that has started and stopped 3-4 times. We play for a couple weeks, then typically something happens to a member of the group and we stop playing. Whether that’s a Christmas party, a trip to Buffalo, or a new job.

This time is different…we’re going to make it, until the PC’s can’t!

Going way back…the game is set around the 1700’s…after all the official cannon has happened.

This game started as a man in black crashed out of a store front carrying a book and ran headlong into the players who were being chased at the time for something else entirely…turned out the man in black was also being chased, and thus a 4 way scuffle ensued.

The man in black escaped, and the party eventually tracked him to a book store where he had supposedly ditched the book. (More on this in the detailed recap).

The party steals a painting from a cousin of L’emperor. The man who led them there claimed the painting was “the Key”. He was asked “The key to what?!” at least 20 times, and everytime “The key to riches!” was his dramatic response…it became epic as new players came and went from the game and didn’t know what was coming when they asked. (more on this in the detailed recap).

The party returns the painting to Bubbaleiux who hired their accomplice to steal the painting. When they return he berates the party for stealing the painting and tipping off the owners that they stole “the key”. He then cut open the back to reveal a large steel key (approximately 2 pounds in weight)…yes, an actual key.

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