Vendel League of Legends

A Broad Aboard

  • Gisseppi and Gerhart Thomson mounted a long boat and headed for the Ship, while Robin Taylor stayed to tend the wounded.
  • After dispatching a couple of guys on the boat, they searched the hull.
  • They found 3 dead men and a frail sickly woman locked in a cage that asked of her Son. He had apparently been sold at the last port stop of Mengbilla
  • They also found several months worth of supplies and trade goods, as though this ship may have been coming to trade with the colony.

At this point the party should have come to the conclusion that this ship could have been A.) The ship of Raiders or B.) The Supply Shipment….they didn’t….——

*They freed the woman, and basically went on with the night, sleeping on the ship.

  • The next day they decided to leave for Mengbilla to try to help the woman find her son.

(Note: No one in the party had heard of Mengbilla)



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