Vendel League of Legends


Priest Vs. Priest

  • As they leave the Lonely Whaler to find the local place of worship, they run into Brawden (Noah’s Character)
  • Robin Taylor spoke to Garry at the House of the Prophet.
    (small 500 sf space with a receptacle for donations, a holy statue of the Burning of the Prophet, and now a velvet portrait of the equivalent to the “Virgin Mary” that Robin brought with from the mining colony town hall.) There was a trap door that Garry said leads to an apartment below.
  • Robin had them go back and shake down the “priest” to show his intentions were true. He did not falter in his faith and the men left after tossing his apartment.
  • They returned to the Lonely Whaler and Brawden showed Robin his treasure map of BC1. Robin didn’t recognize the city at first, but then saw a representation of a statue at the center of town with the only writing on the map. It read in old Thean “Shield Bearer of the Knights Templar”. From his past research, Robin knew this was Bal Canifer. Robin vowed to help Brawden find this treasure.




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